ALBIOMA – TE – ALM1-2, Last Conversion !

Factsheet :

The final powerplant of the Energy Transition Program (TE) have its PPA awarded.

The CRE (the French Energy Regulatory Commission), has authorized today the signature of the new PPA of ALBIOMA Le Moule (ALM) enabling its conversion to 100% Biomass and the successfull completion of the program.

The Energy Transition Program :

ALBIOMA, TE Program Architect

Albioma Le Moule :

  • ALM1-2: 2 boiler started in 1998 (Babcock CNIM, spreader stocker Coal and Bagasse, 120-140 Tph, 82 Bars Absolute 525°C), 2x32MW electric gross,
  • ALM3: 1 boiler started in 2011 (CNIM, spreader stocker Pellets, 140 Tph, 82 Bars Absolute 525°C), 38 MW electric gross, running on woods pellets since 2020 (ALBIOMA – TE, ALM3 First Project !)

Success :

  • Complete Conceptual studies,
  • Compete Basic Engineering,
  • Complete CAPEX studies, Initial RFQ of nearly all work packages,
  • I’m being transfering the project to the erection team.

Some pictures :

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