Vincent EUDIER Vincent EUDIER – Energy Program Director
M: +33 623 414 497
A: 11, Rue Pierre Brossolette 92400 COURBEVOIE, FRANCE

• Languages: French, English, Spanish.
• 20 years experience in project development and project management with multicultural and multi-technical team.
• Leader, planner, entrepreneur, technical reference.


ALBIOMA – Project and Program manager

Responsibilities on all value chain “Development -> PPA start” on last ALBIOMA’s key PV and Thermal power plants projects :

Development, financing, specifications, contract negotiation, erection (as Principal, Owner’s Engineer, or as EPC) until hands off for operations.

Photovoltaic (PV), Energy Storage system (ESS) and Hybrid Power Plant (HPP) Expert.
Coal to biomass conversion Expert.

  2017 – …

Development of a “3 power plant – 9 boilers” coal to biomass program.

ALBIOMA – TE – ABR, nearly one year after completion

Energy Transition Project Manager – First Project !


Second 100% Biomass thermal power plant “clear for construction”.

ALBIOMA – AMG, 12,00 MVA Biomass Power plant Clear for construction

Development of the Base Hybrid Power Plant concept and business plan (54 MW PV + 133 MWh ESS + 4 MW BioGenset)

Project Manager/developper: Renewable Base Hybrid Power Plant

  2015 Winner of the second National request for proposal for Photovoltaïc Hybrid power plant  (PV + ESS) (5 + 1,6 + 3 MW).

Commissioning of the photovoltaic power plant with storage “Port Ouest”, Réunion Island.
Commissioning of the photovoltaic power plant with storage in Sainte-Rose, Guadeloupe.

  2014 Program director of 2011 National Tender – including the world first “commercial roof mounted Hybrid PV power plant”.

Commisioning of LECLERC Hybrid Power Plant

  2012–2013 40MWe 100% biomass “clear for construction” after 7 years of studies.

Albioma Galion 2, First 100% biomass power plant of French Overseas.

  2012 Winner of National Request for proposal for Photovoltaïc Hybrid power plant  (PV + ESS)(1+2 MW).

Development and “turnkey” construction of all ALBIOMA’s biggest PV power plants.

More than 100M€ worth projects were developed for ALBIOMA

35% of all ALBIOMA’s PV were connected under my responsibility.

Driving to more than 10M€ (10% of all group) annual EBITDA for 20 years.

2006-2009 CERVIN INNOVATIONS – Erection Manager
  B to C company dedicated to renewables: installation of Photovoltaic, biomass heating, solar water heating, heat pumps… customers 95% individials, 5% public.
From scratch: creation of a complete technical team to manage “Procurement”, “Logistics” and “Erection” of the company sales:        

5 Managers and 65 technicians.

End of mission @ Cervin Innovations

2002-2006 BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION – Erection Engineer

Project/Erection management on BOUYGUES’ key projects in Normandy.

~5M€ Erected each year as part of 15-20 M€ projects.

Advanced computing C++, C#, Framework .NET, VB, SQL… And all you see is self-hosted.
Technical software AUTOCAD (Civ 3D), TRNSYS, Simsol, PVSyst, MSProject, MATLAB…
Accreditation Electrical specialist B2V BR BC, work-at-height.

2006 continuous education IGSHPA (USA) and Polytechnique Montréal (Canada).
2002 Graduate from “Ingénieur Arts et Métiers, Paris”.
1997 French baccalauréat “with highest distinction”.

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