Project Manager/developper: Renewable Base Hybrid Power Plant


  • 5,3 MVA Power plant
  • Solar (Photovoltaïc) + Genset + Lithium-ion Storage
  • ~50M€ investment


ALBIOMA is facing opposition on it’s main business, thermal power plants are burning, in majority coal… there is a long term project to switch from coal to “imported biomass”… but…the public and administration in France is pushing to get rid of “Any kind of fuel importation”.


Thus ALBIOMA’s Business will, on the long term, be impaired and we have to find “new horizons”, new means of production:

  • Baseload
  • 100 % renewable
  • Economic (in the fuel oil intensive market of French Overseas territories)
  • If possible Fuel Free…


  • Complete Conceptual study of a Hybrid power plant to meet these goals,
  • Complete pre-feasibility study,
  • Complete detailled study including:
    • parametric (“rule of thumb solver”) simulation of the power plant,
    • Detailled (Euristic solver) simulation,
  • Complete sourcing of equipment and Balance Of Plant
  • And last but not least Complete Busniness plan and C-Level presentation


A100% Personally managed concept 100% renewable –  85% Fuel Free Hybrid power plant…

Althought being a major competitor to ALBIOMA’s traditional Business… will it be a buy-in ?

Some pictures: