Bertin has officially launched its Enerbird solution


Enerbird is a complete “Energy Management System”, it allows optimal automatic operations of, systems with degrees of freedom, for instance Hybrid power plants.



This EMS comes after succesfull works on ALBIOMA LECLERC Power Plant:

Commisioning of LECLERC Hybrid Power Plant


Amazing work !


It came a long wat since the first ideas in 2009, and the already way more advanced EMS of LECLERC in 2013-2014.

The idea was groudbreaking in 2013 (a controller model based, with genetic optimization) but SciFi came true.


BERTIN team;

  • Sébastien THIRY
  • Albin BOUCHET
  • Bruno DAUGROIS

ALBIOMA – First customer / Partner – team:

  • Karim HALIMO
  • Vincent EUDIER